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How To Get Over A Breakup

March 26th, 2012 No comments

Great Ways On How To Get Over A Breakup

By : Max Lumowa

A breakup can be so rough or amicable and no one really wants to go through the breakup. Losing a relationship can make someone feels so much pain or heartache but there are ways to get over it. Many men who experience breakup often think about how to get a girl back. So, how to get over a breakup? The following tips will show you how.

– Think about anything thoroughly but don’t be obsessive over it.

– Stay with your decision, don’t ever think about any ways to get your ex back  .

– Don’t meet each other first after breaking up. Keep your space and take time for yourself.

– Acceptance is the main key in getting over a breakup, so cope with the pain in the appropriate way.

– The rage that makes you feel the hate after breaking up is not a good thing but you have to deal with it.

– Talk to your friends, this is a good step because it will help you in relieving the pain and friends will be able to help you feel better after breaking up.

– Write all your feelings into a journal or maybe poems? You can also try to write fiction based on your love story. You might feel amazed by your own writing.

– Trick yourself by making a list of reminders is a step of how to get over a breakup. Be clear and ruthless in listing the reasons why your ex is not the one for you.

– A breakup is a new beginning for you so reorganize your personal space and make a significant new atmosphere for the new start.

– Removing the memory triggers. The things can trigger memories can be stuffs, places, songs and others. Avoid all of them in a certain period.

– Stay active and try to find the other happiness for yourself. Don’t get stuck in a point, you’ve got to move on.

The last for my tips on  how to get over a breakup is to let go off the negative emotion you have because there is no benefit you can get from holding heartache or grudge. Now, be strong and have more inner strength !

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Ways To Get Your Ex Back

March 20th, 2012 No comments

Are There Any Ways To Get Your Ex Back

By : Max Lumowa

When you broke up with him/her, what was the first cheering-up statement you heard? Was it “Move On”? Alternatively, “If he said that he loved you, but he kept hurting you, it means he is not the one. There are plenty of fish in the ocean”? Or even “Don’t ask me some ways to get your ex back!”? Well, it is really easy to state those sentences, but to make it really is somehow impossible. You are just too weak, too vulnerable, too sensitive, too hurt to do all of those advices. And the more you try to do that the worse your feeling comes.

Perhaps time is the most helpful thing to help you at this very situation. Gladly, some of those (who are brokenhearted) simply don’t take the decision full heartily; in their mind, there was something wrong, which actually could be fixed if they (the couple) wanted to discuss how to get a girl back one more time. And you should keep thinking there must be several ways on how to win back your ex. For those who really have this issue on their mind, you are super brave! Here the very first step you should take.

It is not wrong to get your ex back, not at all. But how exactly will you do that? From approximately hundreds of ways to get your ex back, this is the beginning for you. You may start by forgiving him /her and yourself; if you keep insisting that the blame is on him/her you will lose your ex forever. Getting rid of your own ego perhaps is the best way. After that you may have another discussion with him/her. Don’t force, it is useless. If he/she needs time, just give time; in the meantime, you should fix yourself and be a better person. Respect every person for you will never know when you will lose them.

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