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I Want My Ex Back

October 14th, 2012 No comments

I Want My Ex Back, Win Your Ex’s Heart Back

By : Max Lumowa

i want my ex back

i want my ex back

Have you ever been in an over relationship yet you are thinking about “I want my ex back”. Well, you’re not alone in this. Lots of people are also having the same thought. Whether your relationship is over because one of you dumps the other one or based on mutual agreement, you still feel that he/she is the one, and you can’t simply let them go. Well, there are smart ways to get back to your ex without scaring them off and making them turn off by your presence. Let’s continue reading this article to get my great tips on how to make her want you.

The Things You Should NOT Do

There are several wrong things that people often make in order to get back to their ex. They don’t realize that these things will only make their exes turned off. If you are still hoping to get your ex back, never do these things:

  • Don’t shower them with calls, texts, or flowers. Don’t stalk them or follow them everywhere. Not only it’s scary, it will also show them of how desperate you are. It’s also rather disgusting.
  • Don’t make them feel guilty and bad. If you are showing them how devastated you are, do you think they will go back to you? Not a chance! After all, a relationship based on pity will never work out to the end.
  • Don’t manipulate them. Never use money, children, or other stuffs to get them back and control them. Manipulation is never a good idea.

The Things You Should Do

If you are trying on how to make your ex want you back, these methods below can work better for you.

  • Fix on your appearance. Try exercising, for a starter. Exercising can release endorphin, which can make you feel good and confident. Not only you will feel good, it can also boost your confidence.
  • Consider going on a date. Who knows? You may find a better person out there. Don’t shut off your chances to get high quality relationship. Open up your mind and your heart for new people.
  • Plan your movement carefully, although it may take a while. If you are really serious about going back to your ex, you can’t do it in a rush. You need to be careful and take times. After all, your ex may need time to really think about everything.
  • Focus on yourself. Besides thinking about your ex, don’t neglect yourself. In this crucial moment, you need to focus on yourself, your happiness, and your life.
  • Explore something new. Try new hobbies or going out on an adventurous trip. It is time for you to try something new. You will certainly have a new perspective on the world.

You feeling for your ex may be preventing you from meeting new people, but you need to remember that life isn’t about you and your ex alone. Life is more than both of you, so try to have fun and really focus on what you can do. If you are able to go with the flow, who knows? You may be shown a better path to run your life. For now, the lingering thought of “I want my ex back” shouldn’t bother you too much.

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