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How To Get Your Girlfriend Back

November 19th, 2012 No comments

How To Get Your Girlfriend Back Properly And How To Save Your Dignity

By : Max Lumowa

how to get your girlfriend back

how to get your girlfriend back

Have you ever thought about how to get your girlfriend back? Your relationship may be over but you are still thinking about going back to her because she’s the love of your life, after all. Day by day, you talk to yourself : I want my ex back !  Somehow, you can’t let go of her and you want to find the way to get back to her, despite all the tears and the pain that both of you have gone through. There are ways to do so, but you need to be patient and don’t rush things. If you are rushing, then it is likely that you will never see her again.

The First Step

Well,  how to win someone back then ? No matter how painful it is or how hard it is to see her go away, you must never beg or plead for her to come back. Not only it shows how desperate and pathetic you are, she will never go back into relationship with a person as weak as that. So, man up, and take the decision calmly. It is painful and harsh, but the world doesn’t revolve around you. That’s just life, accept the facts and move on. Never shouts or yell at her, especially never use harsh words that can etch deep emotional scar in her soul. Say goodbye nicely and start your plan from there – of course, without her know anything about it.

The Steps to Get Her Back

If you are seriously thinking about going back to her, there are some stages or steps that you need to do.

  • The first one is to analyze everything. Think hard why your relationship has to be over. Is it because of another person? Has she gone through dramatic changes in her own life? Are you responsible for her unhappiness? She doesn’t have any romantic notion toward you anymore? These things are important to determine whether she will be back to you.  If she is attracted to another person or you have gone through harsh breaking up, your chance to get back to her is very limited and small.
  • Make the changes. If you are the one responsible for her leaving, then look into yourself and find out what drives her crazy and mad. Then you need to change your habits. If you have difficult temper tantrum personality, for example, change it because no one likes a person with temper tantrum trait.
  • Become her friends. Just because you are through with each other, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be her friend, right? Befriend her and act casually. Remember, don’t try to convince her to get back to you. Just act cool and act as friends only. It will certainly make her wondering about yourself since now you become quite mysterious. Believe it or not, many women find mysterious being sexy.

Remember not to try too hard to be someone that isn’t you. She’s spent some part of her time with you, so she basically knows you. Just be who you are but staying polite and keeping a polite distance so she will be curious and interested about it. It is an elegant and classy way of how to get your girlfriend back without her realizing it.

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