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How To Get My Girl Back

November 26th, 2013 No comments

Get My Way On How To Get My Girl Back

By : Max Lumowa

how to get my girl back

how to get my girl back

Perhaps all men ever feel what it was given the empty hope by lovely women. This happens when I am close to a woman and already fell in love with her, but it turns out when she also was approached by another man. Of course it was hurt when I discovered it. If the woman chooses me, maybe it was the different story. But the reality was rejected by the woman, she prefers other men. It just caused a very painful feeling. I never thought this moment can happen to me. I just realize that she loves me when we close each other. Then surely I will ask myself : how to get my girl back ?

This painful moment arisen another feeling, it was angry and want my girl back. Maybe this is happen to you. I can feel your disappointment to your woman, guys! At the first time I know this is happen, I just think what I do with her? What my mistake to her? But to blaming myself, it just increase my painful. Moreover that girl is not my girlfriend, not yet, I still feel too painful.

Women are not only one, but this heart has just stuck to her. That is the problem. I certainly have to get her back, even though she already has a boyfriend. I believe a woman can be melted with a struggle of sincere man whom loves her. That is what makes me continue to fight to defend it. I do anything which can make her know my true love.

1.  I still send text message to her

Keep in touch as my important way to get her attention back. Messages can be the right medium to show my feeling off. She maybe can change her mind to choose me finally. I just try to make her understand about my feeling, maybe she can back to me.

2.  Give more attention

As our early acquainted, I pay her more attention. I remind her to keep her healthy and help her for anything. I just feel comfort when I do it. It makes me still feel like her guardian angel.

3.  Makeover

This is my friend’s recommendation. They want my girl back to me, so they help me to makeover my style. Actually, this is miracle for me. I can take her attention when she looks me at first time. The fresh style makes her stare me at long time.

Thinking on how to get my girl back, the hard struggle can melt girl’s heart slowly and make my girl back. Trust it! A girl likes the sincere man with their love. So, try to be the honest man with your big love.


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