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I Have To Get Her Back

February 25th, 2014 No comments

Only One Moment So I Have To Get Her Back

By : Max Lumowa

i have to get her back

i have to get her back

When Everyday is the Past

The past are always better. Sure you remember the days when you don’t have to think about anything confusing like now. When you found someone that was so perfect. Everything felt like sunshine in your mind. Everything felt like in a dream world with her. You absolutely convinced that nothing could go wrong; finally you have found someone of your life.

Yet things could go wrong. It’s unwanted, of course, and definitely unexpected. However, words have said, matters have conducted; the perfect moment of your life has gone. Oh no, you realized; I have to get her back. On and on, you just could not get out of it. You’re absolutely sure that it was the perfect relationship of your life ever. And the mind of yours kept thinking: i have to get her back.

That simple word in the thought of yours, but every single day, your brain is cooped in that words: how to win someone back. You kept a look back to the past, rewinding every detail when the broke up happened. If time travel is already discovered, you’d probably go back to that time to see what mistakes that actually been done, who really done it. Was it her? No, you realized; it was you. It’s your faults, your mistakes. Days go by, and you just couldn’t stop feeling guilty and thinking: I have to get her back.

When World is Moving On

When you close your eyes and think: what the things to say to get back with your ex; you keep imagining the perfect visions of hers, still keep feeling guilty of yourself and still can’t believe how you could let go someone as flawless as her. However, see outside your windows. The summertime has come; don’t you feel like going out?

It’s hard, for sure, to stop and erase the thought of, I have to get her back from inside your brain. Yet if you really realize, and already awaken, you would see that the world is moving on, no matter what thought on your head, completely regardless of what you have been feeling. And, as hurt as it sounds, but you actually know that maybe she’s moved on too. Do you still want to keep the notion of how to win someone back?

Actually, it’s not really a wrong thing to do, to think: how to win her back. After a broken relationship, it’s completely okay to grief and feels guilty. The one that’s not okay, it’s when you can’t stop doing it and or dwell into it, unaware that you actually corrupting your life to the thoughts. This time, take a deep breath and try to see it clearly, maybe it’s better for you, and for her also, to just let go the relationship. Stop thinking I have to get her back, smile and realize that you had your one moment with her. Keep that good moment and just lock it away.


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