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Getting The Girl Back

March 26th, 2014 No comments

Getting The Girl Back , Any Natural State Of Affairs ?

By : Max Lumowa

getting the girl back

getting the girl back

The Human Being

Once in a while, you do really can feel it, don’t you? That she actually the piece of puzzle you’ve been looking in your life. But being humane, most of the times, you don’t aware of it until it’s too late. Being humane, perhaps you made mistakes; said something that really hurt her, fail to remember something, or just being oblivious and not listening to her.

When it has happened, the destined relationship you once had is already lost. You’ll start to feel the guilt and wouldn’t stop to miss her really bad, then hoping that some deus ex machina would come down and getting the girl back.

Is that what you doing? Dwelling into the guilt and still be in grief? Don’t you ever think that getting your ex girl back would be a great idea? Sure, you’ve made mistake. A great mistake, maybe. But, again, you’re still a human being anyway. Human being, who made mistake and failure all the time, and yet, would always have the choice to become better. Beside, maybe this is the only thing that made us humane anyway. Being gloomy and wouldn’t stop gazing into your pasts with her is truly a bad idea. Everyone knows it, and you know it too, you know that you want it, so stand up and start getting your ex back.

The First Step

Your sadness and your guilt maybe hinder the idea of how to win her back. But don’t. Build up your confidence and believe that what you and your couple had is a true great relationship, and it is worth enough to be acquired again. She deserves it, and you deserved enough for her. This simple definitive thought is just the simple first step on how to win someone back.

When you already confident enough that you both deserve the relationship, realize and see inside yourself, the mistakes that broke the whole thing up. Believe to yourself that you can be better, and you could and would mend that mistakes that you’ve done to her. In getting the girl back, most of the times the only clue is communication.

So when you already see your faults, try to find a way to fix it, and say to yourself : “I have to get her back !”, talk and communicate with her. When you communicate with her, the most important thing is to never forget to listen to her. Don’t forget to keep aware about her feelings, her situations, and think about her opinion about mending the relationship again. Of course, when getting the girl back, put a promise that you will try as hard as you can to not making the mistakes again, and become a better person.

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