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Getting Back A Girlfriend

May 23rd, 2014 No comments

Steps On Getting Back A Girlfriend Gently

By : Max Lumowa

There are some problems that you can face in your life. Sometime you must feel so sad because you lose your girlfriend. It makes you asking yourself:   how to get my ex girl back ? What you must do when you lose someone whom you love? How to win someone back then ? When you really love her then you must do all the ways to get her back to you. You are not late yet. You still have opportunity to become her boyfriend. For all of you who are fear to start because you don’t know the way to start you will get solution here. Getting back a girlfriend is not a difficult task for you when you know what you must do. Here, you will get guidance so you will do all right things and get your girlfriend back to your hug.

The first step to do is giving her apology. If your relationship with her is ended because of your fault, then you must give her apology. It shows that you can lower your ego and want to repair relationship with her after you did mistakes. You need to tell that you are wrong too and whether she has mistaken too, you must tell that her mistake is caused of your mistake too. Apology is very important for you and her too. There are some ways that you can do to show that you want to give an apology to her such as giving her flowers, sending a letter or telling her in person or in public place.

Second, getting back a girlfriend by inviting her to have coffee time or tea time together with you is good solution to fix the relationship. Sometime when you end your relationship with someone whom you love, you cut off all communication ways. It means you have bad communication with someone whom you love. You must fix your communication by having tea or coffee time. You can bring your girl to her favorite coffee shop or other places. You can also start a conversation with funny things and forget about you and her problem first. You should not bring her to a serious conversation first because it will make she feel bad. You must act confident and funny. You need to show to her that you are better than before.

Third, the most important step on getting back a girlfriend is by telling that you still have feeling for her. Some women really wait for your statement. Women will wait, and they will not tell you first. You must be brave to tell that you still love her and use romantic way to show your feeling.


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