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Will I Get Her Back

July 27th, 2014 No comments

Will I Get Her Back : Drain the Tears

By : Max Lumowa

It always happens when it is too late. It’s when you finally recognized the gap that she left you with. It’s when you finally realized there’s no one that echoed your laughs or answer your confusions. It’s when your choice to walk out her door finally gets into your head. It’s when you stand alone, fearing that it’s too late, and in anxiety, asking, ‘will I ever get her back?’ How to win back a girls heart ? It’s the desperate question of how to get your ex girlfriend back into your arms, and yes, it always happens when it is too late.

But drain the tears. Drama won’t answer the question of will i get her back, nevertheless, getting it done. And stop playing your first date soundtrack, too. High Fidelity only works when you’re John Cusack. To get back to the state when you and your girlfriend live in eternal bliss you need to know the root or the source of how the shambles came about. In logic, find the real problem. Although it may sound like one of Dr. Phil’s advices, it is true. Some girls may love drama, but it doesn’t mean they want you to continuously beg and cry in front of their door. The problems of both of you maybe complicated enough and rooted deep enough, so give it some time and space, not to solve itself, but to cool it down a little bit. This distance could be helpful not just for her, but also for you.

Just thinking will i get her back would only make you somber in sorrow, and in the end, not doing anything. So think again about the problem, and when you already find the cause of your break up, finish it. If the problems are generally your fault, apologize to her. Just apologize, don’t put any hint that you want her back to you, not only this means begging, but she maybe not ready enough to get back to you.

If the faults are on her, don’t point it directly. When showing the side of your story, talk like an adult, and talk with logic rather with emotions. And most important of all: listen to her. Most of the relationship’s matters are rooted on listening problems, and most of it can be solved with the simple act of listening.

What next you should consider on how to win someone back ? Show some support. When thinking about the question of will i get her back, you probably realized that she is more than your girlfriend and your relationship is more than just a sexual attraction. She is your partner, your best friend, and even maybe your family. So put a couple hints to her that you still support her, appreciate her, and you are still willing to be her friend no matter what. This friend zone perhaps took a little bit more time, but who knows, this could be the smoothest way to get your relationship back like before, maybe even stronger.

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