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How If Your Ex Wants To Get Back To You ?

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How If Your Ex Wants To Get Back To You ?

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How To Build A Nice Relationship With Your Ex

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How To Build A Nice Relationship With Your Ex

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Still Have Feeling With Your Ex ?

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Still Have Feeling With Your Ex ?

Will I Get Her Back

July 27th, 2014 No comments

Will I Get Her Back : Drain the Tears

By : Max Lumowa

It always happens when it is too late. It’s when you finally recognized the gap that she left you with. It’s when you finally realized there’s no one that echoed your laughs or answer your confusions. It’s when your choice to walk out her door finally gets into your head. It’s when you stand alone, fearing that it’s too late, and in anxiety, asking, ‘will I ever get her back?’ How to win back a girls heart ? It’s the desperate question of how to get your ex girlfriend back into your arms, and yes, it always happens when it is too late.

But drain the tears. Drama won’t answer the question of will i get her back, nevertheless, getting it done. And stop playing your first date soundtrack, too. High Fidelity only works when you’re John Cusack. To get back to the state when you and your girlfriend live in eternal bliss you need to know the root or the source of how the shambles came about. In logic, find the real problem. Although it may sound like one of Dr. Phil’s advices, it is true. Some girls may love drama, but it doesn’t mean they want you to continuously beg and cry in front of their door. The problems of both of you maybe complicated enough and rooted deep enough, so give it some time and space, not to solve itself, but to cool it down a little bit. This distance could be helpful not just for her, but also for you.

Just thinking will i get her back would only make you somber in sorrow, and in the end, not doing anything. So think again about the problem, and when you already find the cause of your break up, finish it. If the problems are generally your fault, apologize to her. Just apologize, don’t put any hint that you want her back to you, not only this means begging, but she maybe not ready enough to get back to you.

If the faults are on her, don’t point it directly. When showing the side of your story, talk like an adult, and talk with logic rather with emotions. And most important of all: listen to her. Most of the relationship’s matters are rooted on listening problems, and most of it can be solved with the simple act of listening.

What next you should consider on how to win someone back ? Show some support. When thinking about the question of will i get her back, you probably realized that she is more than your girlfriend and your relationship is more than just a sexual attraction. She is your partner, your best friend, and even maybe your family. So put a couple hints to her that you still support her, appreciate her, and you are still willing to be her friend no matter what. This friend zone perhaps took a little bit more time, but who knows, this could be the smoothest way to get your relationship back like before, maybe even stronger.

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How To Win Back A Girls Heart

June 28th, 2014 No comments

How To Win Back A Girls Heart With Simple Steps

By : Max Lumowa

Guys, do you know how to win back a girls heart with very simple steps? Or  are there simple ways on getting back a girlfriend ? You are possible to get your girl heart back to you when you want to change yourself. Some girls don’t like with you maybe because of your fashion style, your attitude, your way to say some things and some other things. You must be careful in getting back your girlfriend heart back especially when she is loved by so many men too. You will feel jealous, hatred and also feeling loss. It will change nothing. You must know some ways here and you will get your girl heart back and choose you as her boyfriend.

First step on how to win back a girls heart is by coming on her not too early. You should not come too early because it will make she feels so bad with your attitude. When you still do it you will make she decides to leave you rather than being with you again.

Second, you need to be brave to show your feeling to your girl. Most girls love with brave and confidence men. You need to walk to her and then start simple conversation. There are some simple conversations that you can choose such as tell that she wears pretty dress, you can say sorry for all things that you do before and some other interesting conversations.

Third, it is time for you to be around girls. This step is not to show that you like so many girls but this way is to show that all girls are comfortable with you. You can show that all girls will feel safe when they are near you. You need to keep your attitude because it helps you to prevent your girl feels jealous and think about other things.

Fourth, it is time for you to make she feels proud and loves to you again. You must have charming appearance. How to have charming appearance? You need to have good hygiene. When you have clean smelling hair, fresh body and good hygiene, all girls will want to be with you and you can attract your girl again. You need to groom your facial hair, shower daily, use deodorant and some other things. You should avoid use cologne because it will produce very bad odor.

Now you have great ideas on how to win someone back, right ? You can do some tips above on how to win back a girls heart. You will not get your girl’s heart back but you will get her love to you again.


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Getting Back A Girlfriend

May 23rd, 2014 No comments

Steps On Getting Back A Girlfriend Gently

By : Max Lumowa

There are some problems that you can face in your life. Sometime you must feel so sad because you lose your girlfriend. It makes you asking yourself:   how to get my ex girl back ? What you must do when you lose someone whom you love? How to win someone back then ? When you really love her then you must do all the ways to get her back to you. You are not late yet. You still have opportunity to become her boyfriend. For all of you who are fear to start because you don’t know the way to start you will get solution here. Getting back a girlfriend is not a difficult task for you when you know what you must do. Here, you will get guidance so you will do all right things and get your girlfriend back to your hug.

The first step to do is giving her apology. If your relationship with her is ended because of your fault, then you must give her apology. It shows that you can lower your ego and want to repair relationship with her after you did mistakes. You need to tell that you are wrong too and whether she has mistaken too, you must tell that her mistake is caused of your mistake too. Apology is very important for you and her too. There are some ways that you can do to show that you want to give an apology to her such as giving her flowers, sending a letter or telling her in person or in public place.

Second, getting back a girlfriend by inviting her to have coffee time or tea time together with you is good solution to fix the relationship. Sometime when you end your relationship with someone whom you love, you cut off all communication ways. It means you have bad communication with someone whom you love. You must fix your communication by having tea or coffee time. You can bring your girl to her favorite coffee shop or other places. You can also start a conversation with funny things and forget about you and her problem first. You should not bring her to a serious conversation first because it will make she feel bad. You must act confident and funny. You need to show to her that you are better than before.

Third, the most important step on getting back a girlfriend is by telling that you still have feeling for her. Some women really wait for your statement. Women will wait, and they will not tell you first. You must be brave to tell that you still love her and use romantic way to show your feeling.


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Getting The Girl Back

March 26th, 2014 No comments

Getting The Girl Back , Any Natural State Of Affairs ?

By : Max Lumowa

getting the girl back

getting the girl back

The Human Being

Once in a while, you do really can feel it, don’t you? That she actually the piece of puzzle you’ve been looking in your life. But being humane, most of the times, you don’t aware of it until it’s too late. Being humane, perhaps you made mistakes; said something that really hurt her, fail to remember something, or just being oblivious and not listening to her.

When it has happened, the destined relationship you once had is already lost. You’ll start to feel the guilt and wouldn’t stop to miss her really bad, then hoping that some deus ex machina would come down and getting the girl back.

Is that what you doing? Dwelling into the guilt and still be in grief? Don’t you ever think that getting your ex girl back would be a great idea? Sure, you’ve made mistake. A great mistake, maybe. But, again, you’re still a human being anyway. Human being, who made mistake and failure all the time, and yet, would always have the choice to become better. Beside, maybe this is the only thing that made us humane anyway. Being gloomy and wouldn’t stop gazing into your pasts with her is truly a bad idea. Everyone knows it, and you know it too, you know that you want it, so stand up and start getting your ex back.

The First Step

Your sadness and your guilt maybe hinder the idea of how to win her back. But don’t. Build up your confidence and believe that what you and your couple had is a true great relationship, and it is worth enough to be acquired again. She deserves it, and you deserved enough for her. This simple definitive thought is just the simple first step on how to win someone back.

When you already confident enough that you both deserve the relationship, realize and see inside yourself, the mistakes that broke the whole thing up. Believe to yourself that you can be better, and you could and would mend that mistakes that you’ve done to her. In getting the girl back, most of the times the only clue is communication.

So when you already see your faults, try to find a way to fix it, and say to yourself : “I have to get her back !”, talk and communicate with her. When you communicate with her, the most important thing is to never forget to listen to her. Don’t forget to keep aware about her feelings, her situations, and think about her opinion about mending the relationship again. Of course, when getting the girl back, put a promise that you will try as hard as you can to not making the mistakes again, and become a better person.

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I Have To Get Her Back

February 25th, 2014 No comments

Only One Moment So I Have To Get Her Back

By : Max Lumowa

i have to get her back

i have to get her back

When Everyday is the Past

The past are always better. Sure you remember the days when you don’t have to think about anything confusing like now. When you found someone that was so perfect. Everything felt like sunshine in your mind. Everything felt like in a dream world with her. You absolutely convinced that nothing could go wrong; finally you have found someone of your life.

Yet things could go wrong. It’s unwanted, of course, and definitely unexpected. However, words have said, matters have conducted; the perfect moment of your life has gone. Oh no, you realized; I have to get her back. On and on, you just could not get out of it. You’re absolutely sure that it was the perfect relationship of your life ever. And the mind of yours kept thinking: i have to get her back.

That simple word in the thought of yours, but every single day, your brain is cooped in that words: how to win someone back. You kept a look back to the past, rewinding every detail when the broke up happened. If time travel is already discovered, you’d probably go back to that time to see what mistakes that actually been done, who really done it. Was it her? No, you realized; it was you. It’s your faults, your mistakes. Days go by, and you just couldn’t stop feeling guilty and thinking: I have to get her back.

When World is Moving On

When you close your eyes and think: what the things to say to get back with your ex; you keep imagining the perfect visions of hers, still keep feeling guilty of yourself and still can’t believe how you could let go someone as flawless as her. However, see outside your windows. The summertime has come; don’t you feel like going out?

It’s hard, for sure, to stop and erase the thought of, I have to get her back from inside your brain. Yet if you really realize, and already awaken, you would see that the world is moving on, no matter what thought on your head, completely regardless of what you have been feeling. And, as hurt as it sounds, but you actually know that maybe she’s moved on too. Do you still want to keep the notion of how to win someone back?

Actually, it’s not really a wrong thing to do, to think: how to win her back. After a broken relationship, it’s completely okay to grief and feels guilty. The one that’s not okay, it’s when you can’t stop doing it and or dwell into it, unaware that you actually corrupting your life to the thoughts. This time, take a deep breath and try to see it clearly, maybe it’s better for you, and for her also, to just let go the relationship. Stop thinking I have to get her back, smile and realize that you had your one moment with her. Keep that good moment and just lock it away.


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How to Find an Ex Girlfriend

December 12th, 2013 No comments

Getting Your Ways On How to Find an Ex Girlfriend

By : Max Lumowa

how to find an ex girlfriend

how to find an ex girlfriend

Relationships may come and go from time to time and there are times, some people feel sorry and wish to make up or at least be in contact again. Maybe you are one of those people and wondering how to find an ex girlfriend. Certainly it is not something easy and everyone will find problem in recovering the information and contact with the ex girlfriend for various reasons. There are a lot of things happen in life and this ex girlfriend you want to be in contact with might be out of your reach and uneasy for you to find her. But in ways to win a girls heart back, you can always try.

Find the Long Lost Contact

You may have and keep your own reasons while browsing how to find an ex girlfriend. Maybe you wish to have contact again because somehow the older contact is broken due to various reasons. Maybe back then you and your ex girlfriend were purposely cut ties because both of you were mad at each other. Now that you want to find the long lost contact, you’ll need to start from scratch. The first step in ways to win a girls heart back will require you to ask some people who deem to be close with your ex girlfriend.

Hire Service to Help the Search

How to find an ex girlfriend? It will start by asking the people who are close with the girlfriend that is currently being searched. This is the first step and will become useful. You may need to tell these people about your intention and remember to be sincere polite when asking. It is also important to not pester these people so much because the outcome will not be good and they might feel like it is better not to tell you how to win someone back.

Is there any ways to win a girls heart back quickly? What about asking for help? If you truly feel desperate in trying to get in contact with your ex girlfriend, then hiring help can be chosen. There are companies that will be willing to take your request to find the particular person. Try to get in touch with these companies through their websites, who knows that you may really get in touch in your ex girlfriend. This is something can be done as the last option if the other options of how to find an ex girlfriend are not working as expected.


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How To Get My Girl Back

November 26th, 2013 No comments

Get My Way On How To Get My Girl Back

By : Max Lumowa

how to get my girl back

how to get my girl back

Perhaps all men ever feel what it was given the empty hope by lovely women. This happens when I am close to a woman and already fell in love with her, but it turns out when she also was approached by another man. Of course it was hurt when I discovered it. If the woman chooses me, maybe it was the different story. But the reality was rejected by the woman, she prefers other men. It just caused a very painful feeling. I never thought this moment can happen to me. I just realize that she loves me when we close each other. Then surely I will ask myself : how to get my girl back ?

This painful moment arisen another feeling, it was angry and want my girl back. Maybe this is happen to you. I can feel your disappointment to your woman, guys! At the first time I know this is happen, I just think what I do with her? What my mistake to her? But to blaming myself, it just increase my painful. Moreover that girl is not my girlfriend, not yet, I still feel too painful.

Women are not only one, but this heart has just stuck to her. That is the problem. I certainly have to get her back, even though she already has a boyfriend. I believe a woman can be melted with a struggle of sincere man whom loves her. That is what makes me continue to fight to defend it. I do anything which can make her know my true love.

1.  I still send text message to her

Keep in touch as my important way to get her attention back. Messages can be the right medium to show my feeling off. She maybe can change her mind to choose me finally. I just try to make her understand about my feeling, maybe she can back to me.

2.  Give more attention

As our early acquainted, I pay her more attention. I remind her to keep her healthy and help her for anything. I just feel comfort when I do it. It makes me still feel like her guardian angel.

3.  Makeover

This is my friend’s recommendation. They want my girl back to me, so they help me to makeover my style. Actually, this is miracle for me. I can take her attention when she looks me at first time. The fresh style makes her stare me at long time.

Thinking on how to get my girl back, the hard struggle can melt girl’s heart slowly and make my girl back. Trust it! A girl likes the sincere man with their love. So, try to be the honest man with your big love.


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