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Still Have Feeling With Your Ex ?

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Still Have Feeling With Your Ex ?

Best Ways to Get Ex Back

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The Best Ways to Get Ex Back: Guide for Lovers

By : Max Lumowa

Already in relationship with your girlfriend for years and suddenly she asks for break up with you? Breaking up with your current girlfriend can be your worst nightmare in life, especially if you really love and adore her from your heart. But every breakup has their own reasons, and maybe she is not that really into you anymore because of those reasons. Pretty bad, isn’t it? If you really love her,  before thinking to  find a new girlfriend , here are the best ways to get ex back for you.

The best ways to get ex back divided into three ways. The first way is you have to confirm your feeling to yourself again. Do you really love her? If your love is true, then why she decided to break up with you? These two questions are really important for your next step, so you have to figure the answers as soon as possible. Because if you are really in love with her and can’t find any girl that can replace her in your life, your next step will be easy. The second way for you to get your ex back is by contact her again. You can just come into her house again to say hello, or you also can invite her to go to the usual café and drink some coffees. You may have your special moment again and both of you can discuss almost about everything, including your recent breakup case. From this moment, it’s not just you give yourself a chance to know her better, but you also give her the same chance to know more about you.  Don’t do this way for one or two times. Do it often, act like both of you are acquaintances and want to know each other more. Indeed, this second way will be more successful if she still wants to talk again with you, so you have to try your best in every meeting. Don’t mess it up! If you are successful enough in previous two ways, you have to continue your fight to get your ex back. The third way is you have to tell your real feeling again with her. Make the special situation between you and her, and let your lovely words come from your mouth. She must be impressed with your effort to get her back, and every girl always appreciates them. It might be possible for her to accept you back.

Here they are, our tips for your best ways to get ex back. So get up from your bed, and start to contact her again, and arrange the meeting with her. If she is your true love, you will absolutely get her back and can have the happy ending. Now, you have a great idea on how to win someone back, right ?  Last sentence for you, good luck!

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Get My Ex Girl Back

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My Simple Tips To Get My Ex Girl Back In Short Time

By : Max Lumowa

get my ex girl back

get my ex girl back

There are some men who feel so bad and lonely because they lose their girlfriends. They still love their girls and they want to get their girlfriend back. Well, how to find an ex girlfriend then ? And how to win someone back ? When you finally decide to end the relationship with your girlfriend, you must have clear reason. If you think that your relationship can be fixed and you still love her, it is time for you to get your ex girl back to you. You don’t need to worry because here, you will find some simple tips on how to get my ex girl back. You can try to do some tips below and good luck.

First tip that you must do is get your life back first on track. You must focus on change yourself first. Your girl wants you to become better for her. That is why you need to show your self-improvement when you want to get your ex girl back to you. How to do self-improvement? You can ask yourself about your weakness. Your girlfriend sometime complains you about your attitude or your personality. You can improve yourself so you can become better person for her too. If she complains you because you are busy with your gadget all the days, it is time to cut your time to touch your gadget. You need to pay attention to her rather than doing your activities with gadget. It is the first step to get my ex girl back.

Second, you need to get your right attitude. There are some attitudes that may make your ex girl feels so bad with you. You need to stop being jealous. Some women don’t like with men that are overprotected and being too much jealous. Some men who feel jealous just show that they are fear and also anxiety. That is why you must throw away your bad attitude now.

Third, the other tip on how get my ex girl back  is by leaving her alone first. Sometime you do to many things and make she doesn’t want to be with you again. When you leave her alone, cut off the communication you will give her break for a while. There are some reasons why you need to give her space. First you can wait for her change. Second, you can give time to her to feel that you are one of her bones. Third, you can make her know that you are so important for her.


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Things To Say To Get Back With Your Ex

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Things To Say To Get Back With Your Ex : Mend The Broken Diamond

By : Max Lumowa

The Wrong Circumstances

things to say to get back with your ex

things to say to get back with your ex

Being in a relationship could be the best gift the God ever gave the human being. Yet being in the right relationship, that would be the greatest of all. However, to be a human being also means failures, and mistakes are unavoidable. Nonsensical as it sounds, but to be hurt and to hurt the other person in relationships are always a natural thing to do.

When these happened, sometimes it could lead to the worst thing anyone ever thought, a broken relationship. When it’s already too late then you’ll start to think about things to say to get back with your ex. People frequently unaware that most of the times; it always starts from the little things. Little things like lying, or not listening, or being too jealous, or just unintentionally spelt some hurting words. When slouching down on the bench alone and searching your brain for what  to say on how to win someone back  then you’ll realize.

However, to find things to say to get back with your ex is always a hard thing to do. You may be already realized, but do you really already see the mistake, or mistakes, you’ve made? And do you already understand your couple’s condition on how the feelings after the break up? Of course how to find an ex girlfriend always depends on the mistakes that made the broken relationship.

The Right Remedy

Though it is hard stuffs to be found, but it doesn’t mean that it’s absolutely impossible. You just need to know the simple steps, and then you would find out the simple words, the nice ones to say to get back with her. First of course the mistakes that being the base of the broken relationship. Most of the times, you looking back to get the words to say to her, you’ll see the mistakes and there’s high probability that you’d feel guilty and think that it’s all your fault. However, see, maybe you’re wrong. The mistakes are maybe not one hundred percent all yours. So better look back to the past clearly and in a less emotional condition.

As cliché as it sounds, but supposing you try to see the relationship from your couple’s side could be the most suitable solution to pick. Then you could see your relationship in a whole, found the things to say to get back with your ex and the time to say the things.

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How To Get Your Girl Friend Back

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Breaking Up? How To Get Your Girl Friend Back?

By : Max Lumowa

how to get your girl friend back

how to get your girl friend back

Young age maybe the most beautiful moments for some people. You got to know the opposite sex as appealing creatures. Commonly, love story of young age starts with his old friends after a long familiar meeting or new people he knows. Do not be surprised by this, because it occurs in every teenager naturally. Begin dating means that you are starting to feel a couple beautiful days together. After some dating, break maybe a tough decision because of boring arising. This is an unpleasant thing from dating.

Breaking up cannot be avoided, especially if you still love your ex-girlfriend. As a man, you may feel a huge loss. So, how to get your girl friend back ? You want your girl back, but do not know how to get her heart back. We tell you some suggestions to reclaim her attention.

1.  Pay more attention to her as early acquainted

She would melt if always noticed by the opposite sex. Moreover you are his ex-boyfriend, she will find you still have the heart to him.

2.  Try to remind her at the happy memories with you

Past memories will be your liaison with her. A memory can settle a long time in the heart of a woman, especially one who she thinks as the special one. You are certainly able to make her feel nostalgia back.

3.  Do not show your heartache

Some women learn to forget the past memory, besides the hurt memory with her ex-couple. They try to build the new story. As a man, you have to understand this opinion. Do not try to tell her mistake in past time if you want your girl back. They just try to open her heart again for you. Your sincerity can be the plus mark for you. Moreover your girl ever do the mistake, learn to apologize it.

4.  Build your new character

We do not recommend you to change your personality. We mean you to change the bad character which is make you break with your ex-girlfriend. Many women choose to break with a man because their character, especially the cruel man. Do not try to hit your girlfriend. Your new character can interested them, if you want your girl back.

5.  Give some surprise to her

Surprise is an effective way to steal her heart back. A woman likes some surprises especially it was the mysterious surprise. It made them think the special person who still loves her very much. Finally, her opinion runs to you. You are still her ex-boyfriend who gives her attention. Surprise becomes the important thing to prove that you want your girl back.

There are what I think the great ways on how to get your girl friend back. Trust me, how to win someone back is not so complicated as you think. Many things to say to get an ex back , and be a gentleman to your ex so you can win her back ! Good luck !

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Things To Say To Get An Ex Back

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Considering The Things To Say To Get An Ex Back

By : Max Lumowa

things to say to get an ex back

things to say to get an ex back

Human is a strong creature. They are smart even they can live alone. But live alone is more fragile. This is why everybody needs a pair. Make a relationship can be complicated. People need to be wiser and leave aside their ego. This is the key to keep the relationship. But life is never flat. When anything looks okay, problem will come soon. When you have a lover, you will be tested with some challenges too. Conflict will shake your relationship. Even you can make a mistake and broke your relationship. When the situation becomes worse, you will leave alone and be abandoned. For a while, it looks better for you. But it will not last longer. One time you will understand about the value of your relationship. It is so precious to get back. When you feel it, you need to know about the things to say to get an ex back.

Start It from the Beginning

Fix a broken relationship is like building it from the beginning. For the reason on the ways to win a girls heart back, you need to come closer with your ex again. At the beginning you can start it by apologize. You need to be brave and do it sincerely. If you do it well, your ex will apologize too. Actually you can start it by simple words. The first things to say is just by telling “I’m apologize”. Tell her about your mistake and your regrets. But you need to make sure to do it sincerely.

In getting your ex back, you need to be honest. Tell your ex about your feeling and assure your ex. In this situation you need to be more humble. You can tell “I still love you and you are important for me”. But these words must be spoken in the right time. You need to be more patient and wait the time. When your contact looks closer and better, you can tell these words. These simple things to say to get an ex back must be spoken sincerely and make sure to do it in the right place too.

Do not Repeat the Same Mistake

Do you have great idea on how to win someone back now ? Well, when you tell about your feeling and say “I still love you”, assure your ex by giving a promise. Assure your ex if you are a better person now. Tell your ex if you do not want to repeat the same mistake. But if the situation looks more complicated, you can ask some help from your close friend or her/his close friends and ask for the best things to say to get an ex back.

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Ways To Win A Girls Heart Back

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Tips And The Ways To Win A Girls Heart Back

By : Max Lumowa

ways to win a girls heart back

ways to win a girls heart back

Make a relationship is not easy, but keeps the relationship is more challenging. If you have read my post about how to save a relationship, you will realize that many thing to consider about it. Respect and love are the power of a relationship. When these things gone, there is no more love and the relationship will be end. But human is fully with mistake. Sometimes they make a mistake and broke this beautiful bound. It looks unfortunate. But human is a smart creature. When you make a mistake, you still have a chance to fix it. And if you wonder about the way it is, these are simple tips about how to win a girl heart back.

Be Wise and Be Gentle

Girls are interested with a gentleman. Gentleman has women’s needs. For this, when you are in trouble and make her so angry, the ways to win a girls heart back is by being a good person. You should be wiser and be honest to her. You can start it by apologizes. Maybe it is simple, but the effect can be so great. Beside it, apologize will never make your self-esteem drop.

When you apologize, make sure to do it sincerely. Be polite and leave aside the ego. In this situation, you are fighting for your relationship. More than it, it is about your future. If you really love her, apologize is just a way to get the better life. After apologize, there are the other ways to win a girls heart back. When the situation looks better, you can start to discuss your relationship. You need to hear her heart. Let her tell anything she wants to tell. If you do not have a solution yet, do not push yourself to give a solution. In the fact, woman does not need it always. Sometimes she just wants to be heard.

Stay in Her Hearth

When a woman loves you, she will think about you. You will always be inside her heart. But you need to keep this feeling by being the only one. When she has a problem with you, give her a time for a while. When the situation looks good, you need to come to her and try to be her beloved again. The bad situation must be solved soon. For this, it should be coming back to her as soon as possible.

Now you have great idea on how to win someone back , right ?  When you love a woman, see her smile is like getting a great happiness. If you want to keep her smile and want to see it again, do not leave her. You need to make her happy again. If you can, it will be better to make her laugh and this is one of the ways to win a girls heart back.

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How To Get Him To Propose

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How To Get Him To Propose : The Tips

By : Max Lumowa

how to get him to propose

how to get him to propose

Having a relationship with certain person we love the most indeed may become very happy moment. As the time goes by, there will be always the time when the woman wants to take a new level of relationship such as by conducting marriage. In this case, the man should propose first in order to conduct marriage. Wedding proposal has become a culture almost in all modern countries. The function is to declare that the man has committed to gain further relationship with the woman. Usually, the man may bring a ring to propose the woman. For any women, there are some tips in how to get him to propose actually.

Tips to Get Him to Propose

If you want to know how to get him to propose, first tip which you should pay attention is by never discussing about wedding with him. It means that you need to avoid making impression that you are really dying to conduct wedding. If you encounter any wedding procession out there, you can pretend not to be irritated. It may apply as well if you are watching certain film with him having wedding ceremony in it. By conducting such behavior, you indeed can make him wonder and also have the need to propose you and make you his wife.

Second tip which you can use in order to make him proposes you is avoid showing your envious feeling to any engaged or married couple out there especially your friends. Just keep saying that your relationship with him nowadays is better than those couple. Something like to get well gifts for men is also a great idea.  This will make him surprised and consider you to be unique and special woman. By recognizing this, your man indeed may have a thought and start to consider proposing you. By displaying reverse psychology behavior towards marriage, it will become the best method in how to get him to propose actually.

Any other idea on how to make a guy miss you ? Next  effort is by understanding that your man will never have the same consideration about marriage. If you really want to make him proposes you, thorough discussion may become a must indeed to conduct. Just ask him to conduct conversation related to the future of relationship. Yet, you should recognize about his important in obtaining freedom. Always have in mind that the proposal should come from his heart based on his decision instead of the aspect of bound. Another effort is to make him realizes that you are the only woman he needs. You can show him deep affection and also attention and also by showing your plus points.

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How To Get Him Back

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Tips On How To Get Him Back

By : Max Lumowa

how to get him back

how to get him back

Breaking up with someone you love is certainly a hard phase in life. But the harder phase is actually winning him back. Many people want to know about the best steps to get the ex back, and you may be one of them. If you just broke up with your boyfriend and you want to get back together, feel free to read the following tips on how to get him back. Wipe your tears and prepare to win the love of your life again. Remember, the most important thing about how to win someone back is to play it cool.

Don’t Beg at All

The more you look needy and desperate, the more he doesn’t want to be together with you. Don’t ever beg to get back together. Your ex will see you as a pathetic and annoying girl. After a hard breakup, you need some time to think about your mistakes while you were in relationship. The best thing to do before focusing on how to get him back is not to beg, but to learn about what you did wrong and how to improve yourself. This is very essential, because if you do get back with him at the end, you don’t want to experience the same issues all over again, do you? Therefore, if you really want to know how to win someone back, don’t waste your time on begging him and start thinking about what you did instead.

Don’t Come to Him

You don’t want to be that disturbing ex-girlfriend, do you? Well, then don’t come to him aggressively. He needs some space, so give it to him. You shouldn’t call him when you are weak, because the phone call may lead to something ugly. When you seem pretty happy with yourself, he will miss you. This is an important phase of how to get him back, because if you don’t look miserable after the breakup, he will be the one who comes to you. So, don’t send any stupid text saying you want to get back together, don’t call him in the middle of the night crying, and don’t write a miserable email. If you really want to learn about getting him back, you only need to look okay. And then, when he does contact you, give a suitable respond. Don’t be too excited or desperate. You have to be cool and mature, so that he will fall in love again with you. You can read also my post about  how to save a relationship for your reference.

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How To Win Someone Back

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How To Win Someone Back: Basic Things You Can Do

By : Max Lumowa

how to win someone back

how to win someone back

Have you ever thought about the proper ways of how to win someone back? It is very common in a relationship that you may find yourself stuck in a situation where you and your spouse are within condition where both of you have to break up. Sometimes you have to end the relationship so you won’t end up continuing hurting each other. However, after a while, you may soon find out that you are willing to try everything all over again and you want your partner back. Winning someone back is a bit tricky, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it at all. With the right method and proper way, you can always find your way back. I suggest you also to read my post about the signs your ex wants you back before continue reading this article.

The Truth about Losing Someone

Losing someone is painful and sometimes it is hard to accept that you should end up your special relationship, but sometimes it is the right way to do so. But after a while, you may also find out that you want your partner back. You find out that you can’t live without him/her. Sometimes all you need is a time off from your partner so you can think straight. When you are separated from your partner and you are away from them, it allows you to think better and clearer. But when your relationship has ended up, you realize that you have made a wrong move and you need to find a way to get back to their heart. Don’t worry; you can always find the right way if you are able to find the right guidance and assistance.

What You Should Consider Here

You may think that this site is just another regular site about relationship that is promising great success in relationship field. But at this particular site, you can learn about ways and methods of how to win someone back. You may be surprised to find out that simple techniques can really work when you do it right and you may be shocked to find out that there are regular mistakes you may do to win his/her heart back. Learn about the mistakes you should avoid and learn about the right steps to get back to your partner. The methods shown won’t only improve the quality of your relationship, but also boosts your confidence and your ‘value’ so your ex will find out that they can’t really forget you.

The Basic Ways to Win Someone Back

If you are really interested in learning how to win someone back, there are several basic steps that you need to know, such as:

  • Don’t be desperate

Don’t show your weakness; be strong and man up – or woman up. Crying is okay because it is always sad to end up a relationship, but don’t beg. Most people will find it very disturbing if you beg. Not only you will look weak, but you will also look pathetic and downward degrading. So just be strong and be courageous.

  • Give it a time

Sometimes it is better to end up the relationship because it will give you time to think about everything. You can review what’s going on in your love, including about your love life. It will give you new perspective of life. You can really think whether your relationship is really worth it. If it is, then you can start planning new strategies to get your ex back. But if it doesn’t worth it, you can put everything back and move on.

  • Stop expecting

One of the most common mistakes that you may be making is expecting too much. You are expecting your ex to understand your condition, you are expecting your ex to know how you feel, or other things alike. Stop expecting so much! They can’t read minds so it is impossible for them to know what you want. If you want something, you have to figure out how to reach it.

The Strategy to Get Someone Back

As it was mentioned before, when you follow the steps shown in this article, you are guaranteed to get your ex back. You don’t even

how to get a girl back

how to get a girl back

have to work extra hard! All you have to do is just follow the guidance provided there, be yourself, improve yourself for better, and you just have to wait for your ex to come back to you. The methods shown won’t be magical or overly too good; they are just simple methods that you may overlook. Basically, my tips here will only show you the right path and you can choose whether to follow that path or not.

Simple Handy Tips

While you are waiting for your ‘new charm’ to really take effects, there are some things that you can do to make yourself a better person.

  • Change your negative behavior

Look into yourself and check whether you have negative habits or behavior that may make your ex put off by you. If you find out that you have negative sides, you need to change them. it won’t only make you become a better person, you can also improve the quality of yourself.

  • Don’t contact your ex

When you have ended up your relationship, it is better not to contact your ex at all. You can have fresh start and you will have new point of view. It will be hard to avoid the temptation to contact your ex, but be strong.

The Basic Rules in Relationship

The great tips I share here even suggest that you should try meeting new people and expand your social network, just to make your social circle wider. It doesn’t always mean that you should start a new relationship because having a change of heart suddenly isn’t easy. But it would be better if you get to know other people.

Basically, the steps and techniques shown in this great offer aren’t something extra special and magical. Most of them are simple things that we often overlook in regular condition. The key point is never to push your ex or being pathetic. Show some dignity and be tough. If you are able to follow all the steps shown at the site, you find learn a thing or two about how to win someone back and successfully achieve your goal!



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